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BefundPost is the modern solution for laboratories to efficiently transmit findings to doctors, hospitals and patients. Seamless integration with the respective laboratory software ensures effortless digital data exchange. Simple, secure and accessible from anywhere.

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Advantages at a glance

Efficient transmission of findings

Speed up the transmission of laboratory results to patients and doctors, resulting in shorter waiting times and faster decisions.

Access from anywhere

Enable doctors and patients to conveniently access laboratory results via computer, tablet or smartphone, regardless of their location.

Maximum security for patient data

BefundPost protects health data with strict security measures, including strong encryption and privacy policies.

Health data at a glance

BefundPost enables patients to compare their current health data with previous values and normal values.

Redundant data backup

Your laboratory results are backed up redundantly several times a day to ensure maximum data security.

Cost-effective solution

BefundPost offers laboratories a cost-effective way of transmitting findings efficiently, while doctors, hospitals and patients can use the service free of charge.

Time savings

As soon as a report is created, it can be accessed online, eliminating waiting times for hospitals, doctors and patients.

Digital data transmission

Replace traditional mail with a secure digital platform to increase the efficiency and accuracy of report delivery.

Automatic notifications

Automatically inform patients and doctors about new findings to keep them up to date.


BefundPost integrates seamlessly with other healthcare platforms and systems for comprehensive healthcare communication.

Rapid implementation of individual additional requests

We quickly implement individual additional requests from your laboratory to meet your specific requirements.

Fast technical support

Our technical support is available on working days and responds within one hour to ensure that concerns are dealt with quickly.

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